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An essential fixture of any busy pub or restaurant reliability is a key factor our Ecomax by Hobart provide fast and reliable dishwashing options to your specification and requirements from small bar top options to large capacity versions.

Ecomax F504
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  • A choice of 2 wash cycles: 60 and 150 seconds
  • Up to 60 racks per hour
  • Supplied with 1 x Plate rack and cutlery basket
  • 360mm loading height - capacity for large items including pizza plates
  • Double skinned door design - reduces heat and noise emissions
  • In-built Water Softener - ensures optimum water quality
  • Compact 25 litre wash tank, less water consumption, less electric to heat, lower running costs


Width - 576mm
Height - 820mm
Depth - 604mm

Exomax H604
Ecomax H604
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  • Up to 48 racks (850 plates) per hour (500 x 500mm basket - 18 plates)
  • A choice of 3 wash cycles: 75, 150 and 180 seconds
  • Unique 4 sided fully enclosed hood that prevents heat and steam escaping and saves energy – eliminates the need for a canopy or extraction above the dishwasher 
  • Compact 21 litre wash tank, less water consumption, less electric to heat, lower running costs
  • Rotating upper and lower rinse arms with indented anti-block jets - ensures complete and even coverage of all plates
  • Easy strip down for quick and effective cleaning
  • Suitable for straight through or corner operation


Width - 713mm (with handle)
Height - 1960mm (with hood open)
Depth - 742mm


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